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Hair styling and products

I accomplished this style (braid out) with Carol's Daughter "Healthy Hair Butter" and "Shea Butter". I also used a bit of Chi-Silk Infusion.

Comments said…
I love your hair, it looks so soft and beautiful. What's your favorite hairstyle?
Ms. Love said…
Hi Eve! Thank you so much:) My favorite hairstyle has got to be a pinned-up braid out... Well, for now anyway.
There is always something new and cool to try with natural hair!
Lisa said…
I happen to agree with Eve on this picture your hair really do look soft and pretty. But i do have one question how long did you keep your braids up to make it like that if you don't mind telling me?????
Ms. Love said…
Thanks Lisa! I normally braid my hair at night and take it down the next morning. But this time, I got lazy and braided it at (like) 8am and I took it down at (like) 1p. So, my hair was braided for like 5 hours. And NP, ask away:)
Lil Josh said…
How are you doing Ms. Love first off i just wanted to tell you your hair always looks nice.... I did wanted to ask u a question.... I'm from the chi and i write and do my own music i just wanted to ask you if you don't mind if you could put one of my songs or videos on your page? I almost forgot but Eve i took a look at your website and i have to tell you i really love what you have going on good luck on your business everything looks GREAT and FRESH!!

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